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This is a brief intro Asha Analytica pvt ltd.
Asha Analytica pvt ltd
was founded in October 2020. Its base office is in Kanpur City, Uttar Pradesh, India and its corporate office is i Gurgoan, India. Asha Analytica is a environment friendly and conscious company focused to develop technologies to help the society and the environment at large which also means that sometime we have to put our 'profit' aside and think more deeply about the planet earth and the environment. We mainly work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaning, and Computer Vision. Most of our technologies are in really early stage and we are hopeful to launch great products in near future. We take lots of pride in our work and below are some of our work. Also Sugatix was our first product and therefore we are keeping Sugatix as of signature product. We try to develop what is required by the market and serve our customer with unparallel customer centricity.

Sugatix is a ride-sharing/carpool/bike pool app. It allows users to use same vehicle while travel to and fro from the office. It helps us reduce traffic, pollution, air pollution and the ride is 80% cheaper compared to app based taxi service.

VTC is an incredible product that lets you tag 3 locations of your choice and this app then sends you an alert whenever a slot gets available for COVID vaccine in India

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